Yerkes is now at work on two books. Siegelands explores early modern siege warfare as a form of ecological and social transformation, in a series of essays on long-term conflict and its relationship to architecture, landscape, and large-format artworks. Direct Impressions focuses on experimental printmaking technologies from the sixteenth century to the present, particularly those techniques that use objects inscribed with texts as printing matrices, such as squeezes and rubbings. She continues to think and write about Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Forthcoming essays

“Piranesi’s Monumental Words.” Monumentality. Eds. Inderbir Riar and Elizabeth Kassler-Taub, Getty Issues & Debates. Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute, 2023.
“Antonio da Sangallo the Younger and Saint Peter’s Keys.” With Samuel Holzman. Architectural History 65 (2023).
Piranesi Slices, Grey Room, Summer 2023.