At Princeton, Yerkes is Director of Graduate Study for the Department of Art and Archaeology. She isĀ an associated faculty member of the Committee on Renaissance and Early Modern Studies and of the Program in Media + Modernity, and teaches for the Programs in European Cultural Studies and in Hellenic Studies. She regularly co-teaches classes with her colleagues in Art and Archaeology, History, and other departments across the university. With Sujit Datta in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, she is now developing a new course on the art of soft materials.

Feature stories:
Siegecraft: Architecture, Warfare, Media, Spring 2023
The Renaissance Comes to You, Daily Princetonian, Dec. 13, 2021

Recent Courses

Early Modern Architecture (ART 547/ARC 552)
Siegecraft: Architecture, Warfare, Media (ART 447/ARC 440/HLA 445)
The Multimedia Architect (ART 437/ARC 437)
The Artist as Idea (ART 451/ECS 451)
Co-taught with Bridget Alsdorf
Rivals and Reactionaries in the Early Modern World (HIS 463/ART 476)
Co-taught with Yaacob Dweck
Renaissance Art and Architecture (ART 233/ARC 233)
Co-taught with Carolina Mangone
Architecture and Its Representation (FRS 136)
An Introduction to the History of Architecture (ART 102/ARC 102)
Co-taught with Samuel Holzman and Basile Baudez